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Title: Ysbryd y Mwynwyr - Spirit of the Miners
Chimney, TaliesinYstrad EinionCwm Ystwyth

Supported Projects

Download the following pdf which provides details on each project.
Spirit of the Miners booklet

The following are projects that have been supported:

Interpretation Board at Cwmystwyth

Geological Background to Mining in the Central Wales Orefield

A grant of £2920 was awarded to Central Wales RIGS group to provide an account of the geological context of metalliferous mining in Ceredigion through interpretation at three sites of interest.

Cwmsymlog Chimney

Restoration of Cwmsymlog Chimney

A £84,000 project to consolidate and conserve the stone chimney as a lasting monument to the mining heritage of northern Ceredigion.

"Metal Mining in Upland Ceredigion" booklet

Cambria Archaeology – Ceredigion's Metal Mine Heritage. A guide to its history, importance and protection.

Grant awarded worth £3852 for the production of booklet providing a general historical summary as background to the understanding, protection and promotion of Ceredigion's Metal Mining heritage.

The completed mural

Bont Mural Project

Grant worth £3440 awarded to record the local stories of the village of Pontrhydfendigaid on a mural that has been located for all to see on the wall of a building in the village.

Excavations at Strata Florida

Strata Florida Mines & Metals Project

Grant awarded totalling £24,000 to undertake a survey and excavation programme into the area of ancient mines known to be associated with the Abbey at Bronyberllan. A weekend demonstrations of ancient metal-working techniques was also held.

Group of Walkers

Spirit of the Miners Walks Development Project

A grant worth £38,000 awarded to develop footpaths linking the mining areas of Northern Ceredigion.

RIGS booklet cover

Geology & Mineralogy of the Central Wales Orefield booklet

A project undertaken by RIGS, which produced a booklet called the "Geology of the Central Wales Orefield" to explain the geological context of metalliferous mining in Upland Ceredigion.

Gunpowder magazine at Llywernog silver-lead mine

Llywernog Mine: Restoration of Powder Magazine

Restoration of what is thought to be the only example of a cornish style magazine left in Wales, located at the Llywernog Silver-Lead Mine Museum.

Pont Ceunant - interpretation board & grille

Enhancement & Interpretation of Pont Ceunant Generating Station

A project which cleared fly tipping from an historical site near Pontrhydygroes connected with the Ceredigion Mining Industry. The project also involved interpreting the site for the wider audience to gain an understanding of the structure.

Llewernog Sign - Spoilio event

"Spoilio" by Blaengar

The project was aimed at highlighting the history of the mines of North Ceredigion to the communities of the area and visitors using visual and performing arts exhibitions, events and educational workshops.

Frongoch Site

"The Frongoch Story" by Boomerang

The project involved creating a 90 minute film script based on the story of remarkable and yet untold events at the Frongoch Lead Mine in 1900. The creation of this screenplay was supported by TV industry professionals within Boomerang with a view to translating the script to the screen.

Interpretation Board at Taliesin

Ceulanamaesmawr Heritage Walks

Follow in the footsteps of the Miners in the Ceulanamaesmawr area of northern Ceredigion by talking a walk along routes once used between the local villages and the mines. The mining heritage of the area is promoted via interpretation boards, a leaflet which is available locally and downloadable mp3 files.

Cambrian Discovery Tours - mini bus

Cambrian Discovery Tours

The project will offer a series of tours and excursions bringing tourists from Aberystwyth to the Cambrian Mountain. The tour will take visitors to attractions that can only normally be accessed by car. These attractions include, Llywernog Silver-Lead mine, The Hafod and Cwmystwyth.

Mining Panel

Ysbyty Ystwyth historical murals

22 textile panels have been created by various groups within the villages to portray historical events that have shaped the communities of Ysbyty Ystwyth, Pontrhydygroes and New Row.

Ceredigion Museum

Ceredigion Museum

Project will improve the lead mining and sea faring display at the Museum.


'The Falls Experience' Project

The Waterfalls Experience project is based at the Devils Bridge Waterfalls attraction. The attraction lies in the heart of the Ceredigion mining area situated between “Temple” and Cwmystwyth mines. The project has involved enhancing the amenities at the attraction.

Rivers to the Sea seat on the Ystwyth Trail

'Rivers to the Sea'

The project has created links between Aberystwyth harbour and previous lead mining sites in the hinterland. Two seats making this link can be found at Llanilar located on the Ystwyth Trail and at Aberystwyth Harbour.

Hafod church - graveyard

'Beddrodau'r Gorffennol'

Project has involved researching and cataloguing the gravestones in the Hafod Churchyard. The information will then be made accessible to visitors via interpretation boards and a touch screen interactive service.

Ar gof a chadw - information gathering

Ar gof a chadw

The project has involved the collection and collation of aural & visual history of the three communities of New Row, Pontrhydygroes & Ysbyty Ystwyth, of which a dvd has been created.

Pontrhydygroes Wheel_Work in Progress

Pontrhydygroes Wheel

This project has involved installing a monumental water wheel at Pontrhydygroes, a village synonymous with the Lisburne metal mines that were active in the area during the 18th & 19th centuries.