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Title: Ysbryd y Mwynwyr - Spirit of the Miners
OchreCwm YstwythWheelhouse, Bryn yr Arian
cover of the CD

In the Footsteps of Miners

This collection of audio files was produced as a part of the Spirit of the Miners project in Ceulanamaesmawr, Ceredigion in mid Wales. The area was once famous for its lead, silver and copper mines, and these recordings include the recollections and expertise of local people relating to their metal mining heritage. They offer a rare insight into a now almost forgotten industry that has contributed so much to the landscape and character of northern Ceredigion.

The files are available in mp3 format (most computers will have the necessary software to play the files already installed). The files include people talking in both Welsh and English.

The files are copyright © Trysor 2008 but you are welcome to copy them provided that the source is acknowledged and a link to this website is included.

Track list:

1. A background to Ceredigion and its mining history
(R.Jên, S.Hughes) (English) 5.05

2. The mining heritage of Furnace & Eglwys Fach
(W.J.Jenkins, S.Hughes, J.Cartwright) (English) 6.02

3. Ancient to modern: mining around Tre'rddôl and Taliesin
(N.Callaghan, S.Hughes, W.J.Jenkins, J.Cartwright) (English) 10.55

4. Talybont to Esgairhir
(V.Jones, K.Richards, C.Briddon, S.Hughes, J.Cartwright) (English) 10.07min

5. A miner's diary James Pearce Evans
(Gwilym Jenkins, S.Hughes) (English) 5.27

6. A mines explorer
(J.Cartwright) (English) 0.42

7. Cefndir i Geredigion a hanes ei mwyngloddiau
(R.Jên, S.Hughes) (Welsh) 4.10

8. Mwyngloddio o gwmpas Ffwrnais ac Eglwys Fach
(C.Davies) (Welsh) 3.05

9. Tre'rddôl a Thaliesin: Oes yr Efydd hyd yr Oes Fodern
(N.Callaghan, S.Hughes) (Welsh) 7.50

10. O Dalybont i Esgairhir
(V.Jones, S.Hughes, C.Briddon, Gwilym Jenkins a E.Humphries [recordiwyd ym 1992], K.Richards) (Welsh) 12.45

11. Atgofion am yr hen weithfeydd
(W.J.Jenkins) (Welsh) 4.54

12. Dyddiadur Mwynwr James Pearce Evans
(Geraint Jenkins, S.Hughes) (Welsh) 5.09


Thanks to the following for their invaluable contribution to the making of this cd:
Carys Briddon, Nigel Callaghan, James Cartwright, Edgar Humphries, Ruth Jên, Geraint Jenkins, Gwilym Jenkins, William J.Jenkins, Valma Jones, Kathleen Richards, Simon Hughes.

Recorded and produced by Unigryw www.unigryw.com

Read more about the project background and its work in: Talybont, Furnace, Taliesin, Tre'r Ddôl and Bont Goch