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Title: Ysbryd y Mwynwyr - Spirit of the Miners
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Where can YOU go?

Public Access to areas of Land

What is Access Land?

CRoW access land is defined as land that is:
• Open Country (land which is wholly or predominantly mountain, moor, heath or down);

• common land;

• dedicated as CRoW access land under the 2000 Act.

It is not always possible to recognise CRoW access land simply by its appearance, so CRoW access land has been mapped by the Countryside Council for Wales. The boundary of CRoW access land may be shown on the ground by a symbol:
Access Symbol

Areas of CRoW access land, and most other areas to which the public have access, are shown on the 1:25,000 scale Explorer maps with an orangey-brown border and yellow shading.

Therefore in order to get the best out of the countryside and help maintain it for the future follow the countryside code.

Countryside Code

Countryside Code Logo

Respect • Protect • Enjoy

• Be Safe - plan ahead and follow any signs.
• Leave gates and property as you find them.
• Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home.
• Keep dogs under close control.
• Consider other people.

For how and where to access the countryside visit Countryside Council for Wales.

For further information about public rights of way, contact the local authority's Coast and Countryside Section. Visit Ceredigion County Counciland follow the links to the Coast and Countryside Section or e-mail