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Title: Ysbryd y Mwynwyr - Spirit of the Miners
Waterwheel at LlywernogOchreYstrad Einion

Improvement & Interpretation of Pont Ceunant Generating Station

Pont Ceunant Generating Station

The generating station is the last sizable remains of a phase of mining history in Ceredigion that involved the use of locally produced electricity to operate all the plant and machinery needed at a mineral mine, namely Frongoch. Unfortunately, due to it's location beside a public road it has become the target of flytipping that detracts from the aesthetics' of the building and at the same time there is no visible indication to the visiting public of the original purpose of the building.

Illegal Tipping at Pont Ceunant

The application was to assist in the removal of the rubbish, the installation of a decorative grille to prevent further tipping and to raise public awareness of the structure. As well as this an interpretation board to tell the story of the buildings existence and how it fitted in to the wider mining landscape of the areaas was produced and installated. It is hoped that by making the visiting public aware of the importance of the structure this will lead to the building no longer being abused and will become more appreciated.

Pont Ceunant Engine House - After clearance

The clearance work was undertaken on site on June 8th with assistance from members of the Welsh mines Preservation Trust. The grille has now been put in place and the interpretation board is awaiting completion.

Pont Ceunant Grille

The decorative grille features a representation of a waterwheel with water flowing over it and lightning flashes, this signifies the transition from water power to the electric power that the building generated.

Information board at Pont Ceunant

Thanks should be expressed to all those who travelled a great distance, in some cases, to volunteer their time and take part and also to Mr & Mrs Williams for their help in providing the machinery on the day.

The project is a great example of various bodies and individuals including The Welsh Mines Preservation Trust, Ceredigion County Council, the Environment Agency and Mr & Mrs Williams the landowner working together to the benefit of Ceredigion's rich mining heritage.

Pont Ceunant Leaflet

Approval Date: November 2006.

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